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Recipes...Coming to a Theater Near You...

Actually, I take that back. Not just because it would be pretty boring to watch a Star Wars-esque title screen scroll through the steps of a recipe, but also because we are living in a pandemic where most theaters are still closed. Recently, I moved my multiple websites around. Yes, I own way too many websites.

This meant finally letting Chelsea's Messy Kitchen live on it's own like a grownup. Am I making this blog post a short story long to help with SEO? Absolutely. I'm so sorry, but I need to hit a certain amounts of words so that Google likes me. See not only are you getting the first blog post of explaining when recipes will be coming, but you're learning why recipe pages tell you their whole life story in each post. You can thank me later.

Anywho, I will be populating this page with recipes that I had previously posted on my old site and each week a new recipe will be added. I'll figure out a way to create a signup so you can be notified for the recipe of the week. This has been a learning process. An unsolicited and unpaid plug, I'm using WIX to host this new site and there are so many fun features I'm learning to use. End unsolicited and unpaid plug.

I don't know if I hit the desired word count for Google, but honestly I don't have much left to say. Here's to 2021 and hopefully I can keep up with this site better than I did the last.

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